Overland Park Dog Daycare

Socialization is so important for your pup! Drop them off for a few hours or all day to play in our daycare. Even if your pup doesn’t play hard, regular interaction with other dogs and people is great for them. They learn proper social cues, get exercise, burn off energy and make friends whether they prefer the dogs or our staff. Each playroom is monitored 100% of the time. Our staff is well trained (some fear free certified) and are passionate about getting to know and bond with each individual dog. Each pup gets individual outdoor walks every 3 hours and spends the rest of their day playing with all of their friends.

Reservations required for doggie daycare. If you are a new client, please make a reservation request, so we can set up a meet and greet with your pup!

  • Half or Full Days
  • Safe, Clean, Always Monitored
  • Professionally Trained Staff
  • Outdoor Walks Every 3 Hours
  • 2 Large Play Areas
  • Packages Available
Package Price
Full Day (more than 5 hours) $24
Half Day (5 hours or less) $18
10 Full Day Package $220
20 Full Day Package $420
30 Full Day Package $590
10 Half Day Package $165
20 Half Day Package $315
30 Half Day Package $445
Happy Pawz Dog Daycare in Overland Park, Kansas

Dog Daycare Pupstimonial

“Sheeba, our rescue dog, loves coming to play with her friends! As soon as she recognizes the neighborhood she starts barking with excitement and going into a frenzy in the back of the car. I take comfort knowing that Sheeba is with her friends, getting exercise and that the staff at Happy Pawz always takes great care of her. I highly recommend Happy Pawz.”

-Brenda, C
Overland Park, KS

Full Service Dog Care